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Benefiting you is our priority

वेंटीलेटर युक्त डायलिसिस की सुविधा उपलब्ध है


Best-in-breed Infrastructure

Each center of NephroPlus has state-of-the-art machines from world leaders in  Hemodialysis. We use only brand new machines. Our Reverse Osmosis plants are also from the best manufacturers in the market. All our dialysis consumables are also of the highest quality. All this is to ensure that your dialysis session is entirely trouble-free and of the highest quality as possible.

You will be in the hands of experts

Hemodialysis sessions need close monitoring. Complications can arise during a session that need to be handled immediately and deftly. Not doing so can have dangerous consequences.The team that looks after you during your dialysis session at NephroPlus is fully certified in Hemodialysis and has years of experience in handling such situations. They all undergo hours of rigorous training after joining NephroPlus to learn the way we do things and our unique processes before they are inducted into any center. We also have remote monitoring of our machines using which our Quality team continuously monitors the session and proactively intervenes as necessary.

How do I kill time during my dialysis session?

What do you do during a hemodialysis session? Sitting idle for four hours can be quite boring. Especially with needles in your arms! At NephroPlus, we realize this. We have dedicated TV sets for every guest with a earphone so that every guest can watch what he or she likes. We also have free Wi-fi access so that those who want to bring their laptops and browse during their session are welcome to do so.

Be assured that you are getting the highest quality

Our NephroPlus center follow The NephroPlus Way which is a set of protocols arrived at by some of the best brains across the world. These protocols encompass all aspects of dialysis right from starting and closing a dialysis session to what Investigations should be done regularly to the maintenance regimens for dialysis and water treatment equipment. We firmly believe that the only way quality can be maintained in dialysis centres is though standardization and implementation of protocols.

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